What is a voucher and its usage?

With a gift card voucher, you can shop online at foreign stores and websites without having to have a MasterCard or Visa card. Vouchers are like charge cards and you can spend on websites that are party to the contract with such vouchers. Please note that the type of consumption of your loved ones after purchase has nothing to do with Digishow and it is only provided for purchasing from the stores of the voucher contract.

Gift card usage guide

To work with gift cards, you can refer to the user guide section in the header, and before doing anything, learn how to add gift cards to your user accounts on the relevant sites.

Cardi Show has been active in order to review the income of dear freelancers and also for those people who need special and necessary purchases from abroad.
The trust in Kartishow has been proven and with the increase in sales and users, this trust is becoming more and more impressive day by day. Thank you for accompanying us…